As stated in our Constitution and Bylaws, The National Order of Trench Rats is a secret and fraternal organization and is a recognized Auxiliary of the Disabled American Veterans.

Eligiblility consists of the following:

1. Any disabled veteran is potentially eligible for membership in the National Order of Trench Rats who has been an active member of the Disabled American veterans for a period of two years and who, by their personal work, aid, help, effort, sacrifice and service, has shown their devotion to the best interest and welfare of Disabled Veterans, their dependents and survivors; or who has been an active member of the D.A.V. for two years and who has obtained at least five (5) new members for the D.A.V.

2. Membership by application is prohibited.  An eligible person may become a member only by written recommendation of two members who will vouch that they meet the eligibility requirements. 

3. Any person eligible for membership as required by Article V of the Constitution and has full paid-up Life Membership in the D.A.V. may become a life member of the NOTR by the payment of a lump sum as follows:

Up to age 41 on July 1st           $175.00           
41 to 60 on July 1st                  $150.00
61 to 70 on July 1st                  $125.00           
71 to 80 on July 1st                  $90.00
81 and over on July 1st            $00.00

4. Partial payment of not less than thirty dollars ($30.00) may be made provided that the balance of the life membership fee must be paid "within two (2) years from the date of the application or all partial payments will be forfeited." 

5. The following forms will be filled out and mailed to:
Imperial HQs
P.O.Box 500208
Malabar, FL.
along with your payment. Payments may be made by clicking the Membership button below. Be sure that your name, dugout number and telephone number is written in the comments section. No membership card will be issued until all paperwork is received at Imperial HQ.

Life Membership Appliction
Sponsor Sheet
Scavvies Information Sheet



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